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Industrial company in Verona

Pegaso Srl is an Italian industrial company, owned by NARDI family, based in Verona, in Northern Italy. The company has been on the market for more than 35 years and is known all over the world for the quality of its products. It has solid experience in the design and manufacture of machines that are exported to more than 20 countries in several continents.

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two divisions

Pegaso Srl designs and manufactures all NARDI-HARVESTING brand products and is structured with two divisions:
- single/double axel trailers and trailers with 4 steering wheels for the road transport of combine headers at 40kmH speed – EU homologated – for all the headers types on the market.
- harvesting combine headers


It starts with design / production of:
- trailers for the transport of combine headers
- tractor cabs with air filters treatments
- tractor lowering units for orchad access


It expands the business by adding production and design for third parties.


PEGASOLIFT production line is opened (www.pegasolift.com) dedicated to the industrial sector. The company therefore diversifies its production into three sectors: Trailers for agriculture, Production / design for third parties and Electric pallet trucks and stackers for the industrial logistics sector.


The third party production is discontinued. The focus is on the agriculture and the industrial logistics sector. There is a remarkable increase in exports.


Harvesting combine headers are introduced in the production of agricultural machinery (www.nardi-harvesting.com). In addition to Europe export expands to North America and Africa.


PEGASOLIFT production is discontinued (www.pegasolift.com) – it’s now Turkish owned. The property area dedicated to production is expanded - from 6 to 16 thousand m2. The focus is on the production of agricultural machinery.

Nardi combine headers (corn, sunflower, soy, pickups) and trailers for harvesting
Nardi harvesting cutterbars for corn, sunflower, soy and pickups


Pegasolift standard and inox stackers, trucks and tugger trains
Nardi header trailers

Header trailers


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Via del Lavoro 14/16
37047 - Z.A. Est San Bonifacio (VR) - Italy